"Kitchen Culture Is Tough For A Reason"

This took a lot longer to write than expected, because I realized it’s impossible to divorce the 2 main concepts from the bigger cycle of capitalism — how it has made food into a commodity & restaurants a means of private wealth accumulation. This is NOT about blaming small business owners for trying to survive within an oppressive system. Instead, it’s to surface the need to de-commodify a basic necessity (food) because “the ‘highest and best use’ of any commodity is where it can get the best price, regardless of the social, ecological, or humanitarian consequences.” (Food As A Commodity by Fred Magdoff) WE need to make this change because capitalism has proven social issues can't be solved

Why Can't I Just Cook What I Want & Like?

Why can't I just cook what I want an like? and other common sentiments in the food industry, examined "Why Can't I Just Cook What I Want And Like?" In an equal world, everyone would be able to do just this. However, that is not the reality of our current times. There are two major hurdles that stand in the way of everyone “cooking what they like”: equity of access & proper representation. Right now, we do not have systems allowing equitable access to social, economic, and political capital. Only privileged segments of the population — often affluent white men — can feasibly start a food business, acquire press & media support, and be rewarded (especially financially) for their work. So when

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