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plated food & food art

Most of my plated work is deeply symbolic and address larger social issues I am passionate about. Some are also plated on custom ceramics that I make under my Wednesday Ceramics brand. For the full story on each dish below, please click through to my Instagram.

food & beverage styling & photography

I absolutely love creating, designing and styling food, but don't agree with some of the standard practices in the industry today of making unattainable/unrealistic food by any means possible. Instead, my ethos for food styling revolves specifically around truthfulness 

and conscientiousness; I adhere to three main principles:

  • All food is edible -- absolutely no fake materials used

  • All food is prepared accurately -- no misrepresentation in the final photos/videos

  • The absolute minimum amount of food waste (in short, avoiding unnecessary takes and reusing, recycling, composting whenever possible)


As a photographer, I work with natural light only.

travel photography

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