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How to Write Articles: An Editor's Guide

When segmenting, select the greatest number of criteria for selection. Then you'll group people with the most similar behaviors, for whom you can compose the most personalized emails with interesting and useful offers. This approach will encourage subscribers to buy and make the communication beneficial for both parties.

The first option doesn't make it clear what segmentation is for - the question "So what?" just bursts from my throat. The second option makes everything clear - the idea is linear and complete. That is, you PayForEssay can't just say, "It's important to segment the audience." You have to show the benefit and explain exactly why this is so important and why to do it.

Another example. Let's say you describe the benefits of a product.

Option 1: We use honey instead of sugar in our bread.

Option 2: We use honey instead of sugar in our bread - it is easier to digest by the gastrointestinal tract and contains 5 times (a fictitious figure) fewer calories. Which means you can not worry about your health and figure.

The first option doesn't explain anything. The reader may understand on a subconscious level that honey is healthier than sugar, but he needs to be shown how great the benefit is. That's what the second example did.

And notice that we're not just saying that honey is healthier than sugar, we're letting the reader draw that conclusion himself by giving specific facts. We're not imposing anything-we're just telling the facts.

Don't forget that you do my paper only have a few seconds to engage the reader when they open your story. For example, we did a similar test in April: 50% of those surveyed reported that it takes less than three seconds to figure out whether or not they're interested in the material. 33% take three to five seconds, and 17% take more than five seconds.

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