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Samsung Galaxy X2 is a new product of Samsung, the Korean tech giant, has been in a lead role in engineering smartphones for the last couple of years, producing so many game-changer handsets with innovative features. A worldwide survey claims that Samsung, the South-Korean tech giant, holds a 31.38% market share of the world’s smartphone-market in 2019. Samsung never fails to amaze the world with its pioneering handset armed with cutting edge technology, unique in every aspect. In this article, you will find the Samsung Galaxy x2 looks, Price & all the features.

Is there any new handset due to come up from Samsung this year? Yes, there is good news for the diehard Samsung lovers. In 2020, Samsung is producing Galaxy X2(2020) with a quadruple-camera, Dual SIM, Snapdragon 865 (SoC) chipset, a huge 6.8 QHD Super AMOLED screen, 10/12GB RAM options, 6000 mAh Battery and many more.

Yes, the rumor is doing the round and has gone viral on the internet media. The main feature of Samsung Galaxy X2 is 10GB RAM with premium glass back design.

Samsung’s new flagship, Samsung Galaxy X20 is all set to lunch in the market in June 2020. It may be a possible date of release, says the reliable source. We think that it may take a bit more to appear at the retail stores.

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