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Burmese Fermented Tea Leaves [RECIPE]

Burmese Fermented Tea Leaf Salad with Mizuna, Frisee, Red Bell Pepper, Fried Peanuts, Golden Shallots, Sunflower Seeds, Soynuts, Celery, and Grilled Meyer Lemon.

[Update: My recipes have since been moved to Studio ATAO's Patreon page. Please consider supporting my nonprofit for access to many more food & cocktail recipes. This specific recipe is listed here.]

It was looking unsustainable to constantly order tea leaf salad, so I decided to start making my own fermented tea leaves at home. After many a failed attempt, I finally was able to create a recipe that carried the funky flavors I loved with a little extra heat and tang. To safely ferment tea leaves these in your home, I recommend vacuum sealing the tea leaf mixture and fermenting it in your wine cooler set somewhere between 60-65F. I started by serving the tea leaves in salad, but have also successfully made it into tasty sauces (great with meaty fish!) or blended into purees to coat pasta. It's shockingly versatile! You can hear me talk about the whole process on an episode of Fuhmentaboudit! on Heritage Radio.

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