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Easy Homemade Ricotta [RECIPE]

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Homemade Ricotta with Pho Herbs. Photo by Make Things Well.

[Update: My recipes have since been moved to Studio ATAO's Patreon page. Please consider supporting my nonprofit for access to many more food & cocktail recipes. This specific recipe is listed here.]

Making ricotta at home is really, really easy. No seriously. You can have freshly made cheese in a few hours plus a quart or so of whey. Never used whey before? It's a secret ingredient for marinating meat as well as adding an interesting tart-umami for sauces and soups. I personally like to use whey as part of a foam to top pasta dishes. It's so light and airy but provides this backbone you can't quite place but can definitely taste.

One of my favorite spins on homemade ricotta is to mix in some herbs you find in pho: culantro, ngo om, grated ginger, charred onion. But there's nothing wrong with some simple honey for a sweet touch or high quality extra virgin olive oil for a savory spread. Ricotta is a malleable base for anything you can think of!

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