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Pastry Class on 12/12!

For my first Studio ATAO cooking class ever (!) in partnership with Kitchen Rodeo on Saturday, December 12 at 12pm PT, I'll be teaching "Fancy Because It's French", or Course 6 from Asian in America. On the culinary side, we'll be going through all the steps of:⁣

  1. Making a standard mousse that can be applied for all flavors

  2. Encapsulating loose textures (like thin liquids, or soft custards) in a hard shell that creates a "molten center" effect when eaten - this can be used for all types of dessert

  3. ⁣How to think through composing an entremet, or a (typically mousse-based) multi-component, layered dessert⁣

The main topic of this dish is the idea of value and worth. Some of the questions we'll be discussing in a small group include:⁣

  1. What does it mean to be valuable? In our society, what drives value?

  2. How do you, personally, assign worth to something? How are you socialized to understand how to put a number in worth to an object or an experience?

  3. What does it mean to "elevate" something? What is implied of the item being "elevated", and the person doing the "elevating"? Are there ways to "elevate" without harm?⁣⁣

(And yes, everyone is welcome to come and watch the demo & spoken word performance + discuss with the group even if you're not in the mood to cook along!)⁣

Tickets are $50 and all proceeds go towards our crowdfunding campaign (which also mean they are tax deductible). You can sign up here!

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