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Pork & Shiitake Wontons [RECIPE]

Wontons by Chef Jenny Dorsey

Wontons. Photo by Jenny Dorsey.

[Update: My recipes have since been moved to Studio ATAO's Patreon page. Please consider supporting my nonprofit for access to many more food & cocktail recipes. This specific recipe is listed here.]

After I beat Iron Chef Flay last year on Beat Bobby Flay, I received a lot of requests for my winning Wonton Soup recipe. I am always happy to share recipes - I find chefs keeping secrets to be extremely juvenile - but the problem was that I didn't actually have one ready. Cue the cliche, "I grew up making wontons with my mom & grandmother" story; in reality, the wontons of my household always contained a special plant (shepherd's purse) and since I can never find the dang thing in NYC, I'd modified the filling but never wrote down my final iteration.

So. After more than a year of "WONTON RECIPE" blinking on my Kanban board as overdue, I've finally sat down and wrote out a weight measurement. Feel free to adjust and twiddle as you like - if you do find some shepherd's purse, my goodness, tell me and we can make wontons together! If you're wondering what to use for the broth, I say pork neck bones! They are my favorite. I like to salt them liberally, let them sit overnight, then pressure cook them with a generous amount of ginger and scallion and a few white peppercorns. I usually top wonton soup with scallion, cilantro, and a drizzle of super-addicting Lao Gan Ma chili flakes. Hope you enjoy!

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