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Sharing my Harvard statement of intent (SOI)

For my newsletter last week, I published my full statement of intent (SOI) for Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, in case it may be helpful for anyone also applying for higher education programs.

IMO, there’s simply no reason to gatekeep successful examples of pitches or applications, especially when checking for plagiarism is a literal click away. I’m sure we are all very aware who these kind of insider access circles hurts and excludes the most — so it’s on all of us to keep sharing our knowledge, and normalizing sharing openly.

I'm so appreciative of those I see online who are out there publicly sharing successful queries, pitches, application statements, cover letters, and the like, instead of trading them behind closed doors. I don't think I would be where I am today without reading so many of those examples online — they’ve helped me find the confidence to apply for higher education programs, pitch my dream publications, even acquire clients when I first started doing culinary consulting. I may not know you, but please know I (and many others) are grateful for your generosity!

A special thank you to my editors Risa Puno, Angela Bae, and Sharon Lee. I could not have done this without your support.

One final note: please send me your Boston area food and drink recommendations! I’ll be starting at HGSE this fall. Or if you’re in the Boston area, say hi!

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