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White Male Privilege Bingo

If you’re still having trouble talking about privilege with your white male friends or family, why not invite them to play this fun Bingo game as a warm-up? This Bingo board was inspired by Asian Privilege Bingo, and the rules of engagement are very simple: tally up all the dollars you owe and donate them to an organization fighting for social justice, such as:

The Okra Project @theokraproject

Equal Justice Initiative @eji_org

The Sentencing Project @endlifeimprisonment

The Bail Project @bailproject

Planned Parenthood @plannedparenthood

ACLU @aclu_nationwide

NAACP @naacp

Freedom for Immigrants @migrantfreedom

Border Angels @borderangelsofficial

I had 3 white male family members (including my husband) help me create this board so I feel confident it is FULL OF FUN. If you’re a white man, please feel free to comment below with your $ and where you donated. If you’re a PoC, more suggestions of organizations to donate to always welcome.

Remember that having privilege is not some sort of moral judgment against you — I, too, can check off several of these Bingo boxes. Instead, consider this an opportunity to better recognize how the inequities of our country currently benefit you, and actively take responsibility to change them. This is not a shaming exercise unless you decide to interpret it as such.

Happy playing!

P.S. Donating money does not mean you're off the hook for continuous learning and self-improvement!!

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